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Now with two locations to serve you - Mayfield & Eureka, KS!
Now with two locations to serve you - Mayfield & Eureka, KS!

Whelen Approved WPS Batteries, 1-Pair

by Whelen
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SKU 200078376
Variants with Part Numbers

Default Title: 01-1416825-01

Here we have a pair of Whelen Backup Batteries for their Siren Package Systems. These are approved batteries from Whelen, model 01-1416825-01.

Battery Life Expectancy:
Battery life expectancy is dependent upon several variables and each location will be different.  Variables include climate, duration of each use, depth of discharge, how often used, the equipment attached to the battery, and the preventative maintenance performed.  Therefore, Whelen Engineering recommends that the batteries be checked and inspected at least once a year.  Additionally, contacting the battery manufacturer for specific battery life expectancy information is also suggested.  For best performance, Whelen Engineering recommends that batteries should be replaced every two to three years.

Precautions: Please note that only trained and qualified personnel should handle, inspect and test batteries.  Before performing any battery service, it is recommended to contact the battery manufacturer and receive up-to-date MSDS sheets and safety precautions.  Open flame, sparks, heat, or smoking in the vicinity of batteries can be hazardous to life.  Ensure proper safety measures are fully understood, and proper precautions are followed.  Batteries may be heavy, and improper planning and handling can be hazardous to personnel.

Note: The picture shown may be different from the actual product.