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Now with two locations to serve you - Mayfield & Eureka, KS!
Now with two locations to serve you - Mayfield & Eureka, KS!

Trident 1.5 in. NH, Aluminum Cap w/Chain 01.005.20

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SKU 200059252

Introducing the Trident 1.5" NH Aluminum Cap with Chain (Part No. 01.005.20), a top-tier solution for securing and protecting your fire hose connections. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this cap is an essential accessory for any firefighting or industrial setup.


Rocker Lug: The Trident Cap features a convenient rocker lug design, ensuring a secure and efficient connection to your fire hose. This user-friendly feature simplifies the process of capping and uncapping with ease.

Ball Type Chain: Equipped with a durable ball-type chain, this cap ensures that you'll never lose it on the field. The chain provides a practical and reliable means of keeping the cap conveniently attached, preventing misplacement during critical moments.

Hard Anodized Finish Aluminum: Crafted from high-quality aluminum with a hard anodized finish, this cap guarantees durability and resilience in challenging environments. The anodized coating enhances corrosion resistance, making it suitable for prolonged use in diverse conditions.

Lightweight & High Strength: Benefit from the perfect combination of lightweight design and high-strength construction. The Trident Cap is engineered to offer robust performance without adding unnecessary weight, ensuring ease of handling and transport.

Vented Threads: The inclusion of vented threads enhances the cap's functionality, allowing for the release of residual pressure and minimizing the risk of vacuum formation during hose connection or removal.

NH Threads: With NH (National Hose) threads, this cap ensures compatibility with a wide range of fire hoses, providing versatility and ease of integration into your existing firefighting equipment.

Upgrade your firefighting toolkit with the Trident 1.5" NH Aluminum Cap with Chain (Part No. 01.005.20) – a reliable, lightweight, and high-strength solution that meets the demands of rigorous firefighting scenarios. Trust in Trident for quality that stands up to the heat of the moment.