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HyperSight Accessories

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Current price $130.00
SKU 200081855

Here are various accessories for your HyperSight system. While the kits (160R and the 320R), come with most of the parts you'll need to set them up, choose from these various options to enhance your HyperSight experience!

HyperSight™ Visual Backup Camera
F-HS-BCAM / 200081855
The HyperSight™ Visual Backup Camera is a Commercial-Grade Vehicle Mounted Visible Spectrum Backup Camera that will allow you to see what's behind you while backing your vehicle up in an emergency situation.

Aerial HyperSight™ Kit
HS-KIT-AERIAL / 200081860
The Aerial HyperSight™ Kit includes everything needed for wireless HyperSight™ installation on an aerial fire apparatus. A waterproof monitor (F-HS-WPMON) is included, add your choice of HyperSight™ 160 Kit or HyperSight™ 320 Kit.

HyperSight™ RCA Distribution Amp 4 Output
F-HS-KIT-SPLIT4 / 200081861
Use the HyperSight™ RCA Distribution Amp 4 Output box to display a single camera image on multiple monitors. Includes RCA adapters and power pigtails to plug cameras and monitors into.

HyperSight™ Wireless Module
F-HS-KIT-TXRX / 200081862
The HyperSight™ Wireless Module includes Transmitter, Receiver, and all adapters needed to connect HyperSight to a wired monitor.

HyperSight™ 15' Cable
F-HS-160R-CAB-15 / 200081843

HyperSight™ 20' Cable
F-HS-160R-CAB-20 / 200081863

HyperSight™ 26' Extension Cable for any Camera
F-HS-160R-EXT-26 / 200081864

HyperSight™ HW Kit to Spotlight-Mount Camera
F-HS-SPOT-KIT / 200081865

HyperSight™ 5 Pin Male -> 4 Pin Male Adapter
F-HS-ADAPT-5M-5M / 200081866

HyperSight™ Safety Vision Adapter 5 Pin Male -> 4 Pin Male
F-HS-ADAPT-SV / 200081867

HyperSight™ Safety Vision Adapter 5 Pin Female -> 4 Pin Female
F-HS-ADAPT-SV-FF / 200081868

HyperSight™ Rosco Adapter 5 Pin Male -> 4 Pin Female
F-HS-ADAPT-ROS / 200081869

HyperSight™ Reverse Rosco Adapter 4 Pin Male -> 5 Pin Male
F-HS-ADAPT-ROS-R / 200081870

HyperSight™ Bracket Kit to Vehicle-Mount HS-160R Kit
F-HS-BKT-KIT /200081871

HyperSight™ Bracket Kit to Vehicle-Mount HS-320R Kit
F-HS-320BKT-KIT / 200081842

You can find the HS-160R kit here, the HS-320R kit here, and monitors for the kits here.

If you need help setting up this amazing system, please contact the e-fire Sales Team!