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G-Force 1.0 in. NHF Valve Nozzle

SKU 200082119
Fog Teeth
Operating Pressure

Based on a highly customizable global nozzle platform design, the unique G-Force® series of selectable and automatic nozzles combine over 40 years of Task Force Tips design innovation and experience into a true, next-generation firefighting tool. Available in a 1” (25mm) version, the nozzles incorporate unique performance components such as a stainless steel slide valve, inlet debris screen, and protective fog pattern choices. The G-Force® series delivers high performance and rugged dependability in a low-cost package.

The GDD2F2M (shown w/Silver Ring) is a 1-piece nozzle with a Slide Valve Lever Handle and has selectable control of 15/30/45/60/75 gpm @ 100 psi (60/110/170/230/285 l/min). Shaper control is maintained with a tactile indicator with pattern detent and the fog teeth are fixed metal.

The GDD2N1F (shown w/Blue Ring) is a 1-piece nozzle with a Slide Valve Lever Handle, that offers automatic pressure (w/override) of 75-300 l/min @ 5 bar. Shaper control is maintained with a fixed tactile indicator and the fog teeth are fixed molded rubber.

Both units can accommodate Task Force Tips FoamJet Foam Aspirators. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in this FoamJet attachment series. These units have unique serial numbers and are covered by a five-year warranty from Task Force Tips.