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Bauer P31 Super Triplex Filter Cartridge 080114

Original price $184.00
Current price $145.00
SKU 200102165

The Bauer P31 Super Triplex Filter Cartridge 080114 is for the P31 Super Triplex filtration system. It is a complete cartridge with desiccant, activated carbon, and a catalyst for CO control. The cartridge body is 9-1/2″ long, excluding the nipple.

This cartridge is always used alone in the P31 single-tower design. It can process up to 11,760 CF of air between changes. Always replace your existing parts with Bauer OEM Compressor Parts to ensure that you restore the unit to its original specifications and performance.

​​​Filter Materials:

  • MS = Molecular sieve - Removes moisture
  • AC = Activated carbon - Removes odor and taste
  • HP = Chemical catalyst converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide
  • SC = SECURUS sensing device - Moisture sensor